Dreamlike holiday packages has been our expertise, always. We believe that there are places you have seen before, places you haven't, places in close proximity for your weekend getaways and places far away for a long vacation. And, we are a launch pad from where you can, like the rest of the families, friends, couples, individuals and special interest groups, take off to exclusive destinations to celebrate the exuberant moments of freedom, amusement, leisure and adventure. Now is the time you let your travel dreams take shape, and lead you to an experience beyond your imagination. With holiday packages that are planned with convenient routes and options in travel modes, you can live that dream of yours, anytime, anyplace.
There are several unique and praiseworthy destinations located close to where you are. Getaways that promise stress-busting weekends, and let you unwind in between your tight weekday schedules. So, just pack your bags and look forward to a well-deserved break. Because a few hours and a few miles away, is a place that awaits you. Submit to relaxation and let the stress ooze out of your body. Amazingly, a couple of days of recreation can pamper all your senses.
These are trips on which families get together, friends reunite and associates rejuvenate. Both India and Abroad are as big as they are diverse. We have, in our package, the most favored travel options for foreigners and Indians; destinations that turn every imagination vivid and every holiday enchanting. A week-long customized travel plan across a beautiful country can both inspire and relax you. Go on a long trip and see how your own country or the ones outside unveil splendid surprises in the form of spectacular destinations.
Your team's incentive has to be as commendable as the success they achieve. We say, why go to a restaurant or a theme park within the city, which hardly gets them away from the everyday chaos? Why not a trip in which they leave behind stress and revitalize completely? It could be a casual tour, or a tour to a business conference abroad that may benefit them professionally. Just let us know and we'll design the package. Give your team a well-deserved incentive for their performance. An incentive which will not be forgotten, unlike the materialistic perks that hardly last.
Where would you live the most special moments of your life? Will it be on a vacation, which offers you the most romantic setting in reality before you could picture it in your imagination? Yes. Spend those magical moments at places that will light up those intimate days with heart-stirring sunrises and sunsets. Begin your new life on a journey that will compliment your harmony, forever.
Our interests truly precede us and take us places. Your area of interest could be sports, wildlife, nature as it is, etc. Let your interests once again make you reach new horizons. Don't miss seeing that tournament, the sprawling forest, the hilly terrain where fresh water streams leave you speechless or the arts fair that is never to happen again. The exhibition of your interest could be wherever. We'll take care of the travel and hospitality, while you indulge yourself.
Sail on the free water, and experience life without turns and fluctuations. Just cruise to a neighbouring island or to a far off continent. Right outside India, are oceans that take you to a new place, for a new experience. On a ship for days, you'll realize how calm, composed and beautiful life is. Just sail and let your thoughts sail too, while you let yourself free, witnessing scenic beauty at its best. And, the destination will be equally incredible, because a new culture and a magnanimous reception awaits you on shore.
Nothing gets better than making the most of your vacation, without the hassle of keeping a check on time, travel modes and residence. Let a trained tourist manager handle that for you, while your group is fully immersed in the experience. And, there may be significantly beautiful tourist attractions in your holiday destination, which you may be unaware of, but the tour manager knows it all. You will not miss anything. Neither the places worth going to, nor a single flight or a train. Be carefree and splash in the spirit of these adventurous pre-packaged tours.
These are customized tours, based on your places of interest, your favored mode of travel and places to stay. Sit down with our experts and they'll surprise you with a special, customized package that has everything you need. You want trekking, you'll get it. You want scuba diving, you'll get it. You want a quick tour through all the places in a single state, country or continent, you'll get it. Now you know what traveling the way you want leads to.absolute freedom.